Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Hi All!!! how is it going, I guess its going great! well its been all smiles at my end. I've missed you all, work has becoming a huge part of me and there's no time to blog and when there's time there is no one to take photos, need to get a photographer asap. Anyone who wants to test/enhance their skills should holla ;)
Those who know me well know that this skirt, bag and shoes are my "National Anthem" "One nation" pieces, I have anyone of them on at any point, mostly the shoes sha, the skirt is zara, it was extra plus size and not very good looking when I saw it, it was totally ignored at the store but I saw the full potential and decided to buy it and fit it to the last! lol. I guess I did well with it.
Regards to the title of the post, I'm a fan of TLC and I've been watching their VH1 Biopic "CrazySexyCool" over and over, I'm also listening to my best TLC song, Kick your Game as I'm posting this. Apart from their music their style is very interesting, really quirky too, they managed to combine their 3 personalities Crazy, Sexy, Cool into one, most people would term it as rubbish but I need to give it to their stylist cause she totally understood the brief.
I just had to put this photo on, I never knew I had this signature pose till I saw this photo, did you notice the similarity between me and my graduation photo pose (top left) and no it wasn't planned, total coincidence. yes that's my brother, photo bombing as!
Huge grin :)
I hope you liked the photos, by the way did you see my previous post; Seyi Shay + FashPa Summer lookbook...its amazing! you should check it out, FashPa has something for everyone and they are very affordable. Have an amazing week darlings, will love to hear from you.

<3 @blaqueTHAY

Tropical Summer: Seyi Shay for’s Summer Campaign

The amazing people at FashPa sent me this on Monday and I just had to share with you guys. Seyi Shay slayedddd! See “Murda” singer Seyi Shay as you have never seen her before as the star of Spring/Summer 2014 Tropical Summer campaign. She takes our breath away in this campaign that shows us just how to pull off the latest summer trends with ease and Seyi Shay delivers an edginess that sets the tone for the casual and sexy collection. is definitely the go to destination for all things summer. Check out the chic photos below and allow yourself to be inspired.
 Tropical Summer features an array of summer ensembles that includes bold statement pieces, single strap sandals, and chunky neck-pieces combined with simple twin sets ideal for mixing and matching. Staying true to trend, moderate splashes of bright color and prints add interesting elements to the back lack vibe.
 Fashpa Style Team says This is the ultimate collection for a girl who doesn’t want to blend in, who knows her style and wants to definitely be the center of attraction at the party. We were bored with the stereotypical sun and sea summer theme, we wanted a perfect mix of edgy, sexy and strong and Seyi Shay captured the look perfectly”

I Hope you guys loved it! I'm getting ready to get glammed up by FashPa this Summer, y'all should do the same and trust me their prices are mega affordable!

Creative Direction: Fashpa Team
Styling & Makeup: Fashpa Team: Fleck of Gold and Lola stylist
For more information:
Customer Care: +2348093274000

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Unisex label Teeshogs Clothier present their ‘Modern Couple’ collection Lookbook.

With inspiration from a newly-wedded contemporary couple and incorporated style, the ‘Modern Couple’ collection from emerging unisex label, Teeshogs Clothier, is replete with modern and functional pieces made from lace, satin, chinos, linen, ankara and soft fabrics such as chiffon, silk, net e.t.c.
According to Teeshogs Clothier’s Creative Director, Taiwo Olushoga, “this collection speaks of retro modernity, comfort, class, confidence and self expression. It is for the man and woman who is fashion conscious, stylish and in tune with the modernity of fashion.
“The TSC brand stands for strength, beauty and integrity, and I wanted all of that to be adequately reflected in this collection,” she said.  
Check it out!

Photo Credit
Photography: Bayo Lawson (IamBlawz)
Models: Chichi and Olamide Silver
Stylist: Funke Ajomale (IamLisaRouge)
Make-up: Shalewa (Olu-makeovers)

To find out more, please send an email to or call 08036013984
Instagram: @teeshogsclothier
Twitter: @teeshogs

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dark Clouds + Broad Smiles.

Hi Darlings! Its been a really long while, missed you guys so much. sorry I have been MIA, been working on so many projects that I've been pushing my own personal stuff to the side gradually but I would never let that happen. Like I said I have been up to a lot and things will unfold gradually and I will update you guys as it does, thanks for all the love, support, IMs and emails. 
I wore this outfit about two weeks ago to a beautiful baby's naming ceremony, yeah i was overdressed but I had plans on taking photos for the blog so it didn't I've had this monostrap top for about 4 years now, obtained it from one of my friends, God bless her soul. This skirt was humongous and not very pretty but after so many adjustments and fittings, I guess it works as a midi pencil skirt. I wanted to wear green sandals but it turned out too christmassy so I opted for my Anne Michelle "Ursurla look-alike" sandals, hopefully I will get the Gucci sandals soon *praying* Amen.
It rained heavily that day and the clouds were so dark, the heel of my shoes kept entering the mud, things were really messy but out of all that I was able to get a couple of photos and brightened it up a bit, not as amazing as I wanted but will definitely get better with time.
That's all darlings, I hope you liked it. Have an amazing week.
<3 @blaqueTHAY