Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Gladiators + Tuxedos

Hello Beautiful people! I hope your weekend went well. Mine was great, mixed work and play and I had way too much fun! My friends and I went for the "Before 30" TV Series premiere at Federal Palace Hotel on Friday evening then we decided to go clubbing from there and it was AMAZING! will share photos of my look in the next post.
This is what I wore to the AMVCA (Without the shoes though). Funny thing is I was on the phone with my friend telling her I didn't want to go then my boss entered my office telling me he got tickets for us to attend the Pre-Party, Awards show and After party! I browsed through my wardrobe and thought of nothing then I remembered I had been eyein' a really nice peach/nude midi dress at Desire1709 store in Surulere the previous week, btw You should check them out, they have beautiful things! I told my friend to meet me at the store and I got the dress as we were about to leave I heard someone talk about a tuxedo dress and decided to try it, I loved how it looked and took both dresses. I got home put on the nude dress with the shoes and purse I imagined will go with it and wasn't feeling it anymore and decided to go with this one the very last minute. I didn't regret my decision.
The tuxedo dress is available in Black and White at the store in various sizes. 
Will love to hear your thoughts on this look and where will you wear it to? 
Love the feedback I got from the previous post, for those requesting the Jacket/Pants, its getting restocked soon! can't wait to buy it in more colors. Please don't forget to follow the blog on social media to keep up with the new posts and all updates; 
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Photo Credit: Demola Mako for MakoGraphy

Have a blesed and productive week!

<3 @blaqueTHAY

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Navy + Flare

Hey Hunnies!
How is your week going? Mine is going pretty well and I pray it gets better, a lot of things seem to be going in the right direction and opportunities seem to come up here and there. Smile Titi, things are starting to look great! I hope its the same for you as well. Amen.
I got this amazing military inspired navy jacket and the flare pants from Budding Blue Boutique a while back, they had the jacket in mustard and black but I missed out on those, hopefully they restock soon. The pants are still available in black and the entire store is on a 35% off Sale! Loads of amazing items in stock so you shouldn't miss out on this. I looove the jacket, its easy and it looks great everytime, there was a week I wore it 3 times, yes I love it that much! lol!
I'm sure you noticed the change in the pants, thats the reason I collaged them, wanted to find out which one you prefer? Even though I've rocked them both on several occasions.
I miss my braids :( even though it was a lot of stress! I had to start tying it this way cos it was too heavy to stay up in a ponytail + most of it had pulled out in the front and it kinda looked hideous so this worked out perfectly. everyone who saw it thought I had a scarf on. lol.
Thats it darlings, so please share with me your thoughts below and don't forget to follow the blog on social media to keep up with the new posts and all updates; 
Twitter: @I_Verbalista, Instagram: @Imperfect_Verbalista
Will be sharing my look from the AMVCA soon.

Have a productive week.

<3 @BlaqueTHAY

Sunday, 15 March 2015

My SOV Blouse

Hello Darlings! How is your weekend going?? Btw Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing and beautiful Mums and Mums-to-be out there! God bless you all. And to my SuperMum, thank you for raising such a beautiful and strong woman ;) 
I got this lovely blouse last year from my friend Nedu of Soul Orange Vintage (SOV) I got a couple of other cool stuff too but you know vintage pieces, they are so beautiful but comes mostly in large sizes and as a diehard I buy them that way then take it to the market to have it fitted to my size but I haven't had time to do that, hopefully soon cos I'm starting to run out of "baffs" lol
I couldn't decide, had to go with both of them.
Who remembers my bag from my NYSC Camp Zamfara
I really love this photo! Shoutout to my photog. Demola Mako!
So back to my look, I was going out one fine evening and decided to rock my blouse, didn't look great buttoned down (I hate looking basic..lol!) so I thought to give it a lil "twist" in front and I kinda liked it and decided to leave it that way, do you like??? let me know what you think in the comments section below.
That's all for today guys, enjoy your Sunday and make sure you give your Mama a big hug and tell her you love her! 
I will be sharing my look from last weeks AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) soon so watch this space. 
Thanks for reading darlings, Have a blessed week. 

...Blouse- Soul Orange Vintage || BodyCon Skirt- TitiBelo || Nude Pointy Pumps- Jessica Simpson...

Photo Credit: Demola Mako for MakoGraphy

<3 @BlaqueTHAY

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

All Denim Kinda Day.

"I know its past visiting hours
But can I please give y'all these flowers"

"Hey Chick, Im at lost for words
What do you say at this time
Remember when i was nine?
Tell her everything gone be fine
But i'd be lying
They want her to live, and she trying"

"My Father tryin to pull it together, he's strong,
Thats where I get my confidence from"

"When they said she made it
You see the eyes gleam
I think we at an all time high
To get there we run, we fly, we drive
Coz with my Family we know where home is
So instead of sending flowers
We the Roses!"

Kanye West

Hello Everyone, Thank you for your patience over the months, is there a reason I bailed or I was just really "lazy" about everything... + work! A lot happened while I was gone but I thank God it all turned out great hence the lyrics from the song, I kinda related to it on different levels. 
I'm back, for now and I hope I stay long enough this time.
So what has been happening with y'all? what did I miss? I'm sure you guys are doing great! Will love to hear from you. Thanks to those who check on me once in a while, God bless you.

N.B: I promise to smile in the next post :)

...Crop Denim Jacket: Next || Ankle Grazer Jeans: The Shaper || Sandals: Vivienne Westwood...

PhotoCredit: Demola Mako for MakoGraphy

Thanks for reading, share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Flash Back Friday

Hello fabulous people!!! How are you doing?? its been a while, you girl was running round Lagos trying to get herself ready for GTB Lagos Fashion Design Week. They were so many challenges encountered last minute but we serve a God who works wonders and things turned around for the greater good. I'm really thankful God took me on that journey and I'm super proud of myself! *if nobody is* For those who couldn't make it the show turned out reallly great and for those who did thank you so much and to everyone thanks for the constant words of encouragement, support and prayers. *coughs* now that fashion week is over come and order oo! *inserts full grin smiley*
These photos were taken last month by my dear friend and photographer Kunle Haastrup of Haastrup Photography, we were on our way to the Style Me Africa bloggers party and decided we should take some fab fotos and not waste the outfit. I made this dress early 2012 for my graduation ceremony and I got a lot of stares, wasn't bothered anyway I was happy to leave Unilag and felt I should to make a statement and it worked! lol! Even with the high low hem, its has a big cut out on the back :) sad I couldn't take a photo of that.
 The sun was hot! so please ignore my shiny forehead and frowning face.
This bag has seen better days! Serving its purpose I guess..lol.
My grand exit 

For those who havent seen the photos of my collection from fashion week pls click the link below and tell me what you think;

Hope you liked the post. Have an blessed and amazing weekend.

<3 @blaqueTHAY

Photo Credit: Haastrup Photography